5 Reasons It’s Totally Okay To Say “No” To A Relationship (Repost)

This article was originally published on The Everygirl


Dating and relationships can be ~the best~, but moving from one stage to the next can be big-time nerve-wracking. Sometimes it can feel like, as a woman, you’ll always be interested in having a relationship — but what if you’re not? Here are some reasons that it’s perfectly okay to say “thanks, but no thanks” to a relationship proposition from anyone.

1. You’re just not that into it

Maybe you went on a few dates and they were good but not, like, good. Just because you were feeling it at one point doesn’t mean that you’ve got to be feeling it all the time. That initial chemistry wears off, and if you’re not into what’s underneath, that’s a more-than-okay reason to choose not to get into a relationship.

2. You’re not ready

I find this reason the hardest to admit. I like to think that I’m always ready to commit to someone else, but so often I’m in a time of transition or growth that makes me emotionally unavailable. There’s such a cliche about “dating yourself” and how you should spend time figuring out what you like and need, but truly sometimes you’re in an emotional place that would make a relationship difficult and inconsiderate to both your partner and yourself. Be vulnerable enough with yourself and your potential partner to say “no” to a relationship, for the benefit of you both.


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