9 Books for the Introverted Career Woman (Repost)

Originally posted on The Everygirl


My ideal Friday night is spent alone, ideally with a book, more ideally with some mozzarella sticks from Uber Eats. As much as I enjoy my job and take pleasure in working hard to strengthen my career, after hours of talking with coworkers, making decisions, and spending time in a bustling city center, I am wiped. The thought of mingling at a networking event, constantly “leaning in” to seek out recognition or promotions, or forcing my over-thinking brain into overdrive after every interaction with a new contact or superior is enough to make me want to just forget I ever had dreams of a flourishing career, let alone of holding a significant leadership position.

At least 50% of you should’ve gone, “me, too!” at the above description — hello, introverts! Or, at least — hello, non-extroverts! Introversion is currently having a ~moment~ (see: all memes that talk about staying in rather than going out), but there’s one area where it seems like extroverts still hold all the cards, and that’s the workplace. In a culture that relies on “who you know” to move forward, that favors the gregarious and charismatic leader, and that requires what feels like constant attention to your inbox, those of us that require significant alone time and who can come off as “shy” or “unsociable” seem to be at a disadvantage.

But, introverted career enthusiast, your time is coming! There’s no one type of career-savvy woman or great leader, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite books that affirm your particular strengths(your self-awareness, your well-thought-through decision making, your attention to detail), teach you how to pursue your career in ways that make you thrive, and, yes, give you some pointers on how to handle social situations even when you’d so much rather be anywhere else.


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