A Letter To My 2016 Self

Dear Victoria 9 months ago:
You’re about to go to Passage and have the time of your life. You’re going to become good friends with these people and let some of them significantly impact your life. Let them do that. I know you’re still swimming through forgiveness and learning to trust deeply again, and that healing process will start here. Let others help you in this healing, and be gentle and gracious with them and yourself.
You’re going to be blessed so, so much this season! The Lord will provide you with deep relationships and vocational pursuit that you love. You will be academically challenged and offered a leadership position in the chaplain’s office that will change everything. Your gifts will be affirmed and your weaknesses found out.
You will be too busy. You will know this and wear it as a badge of honor. But listen to those who love you and remind you of the value of rest and relationship over, sometimes, the value of product. The Lord will slowly (so slowly) soften your heart and slow you down, so much so that a summer without career-centered structure actually excites you rather than scares you. It’ll take all nine months of the school year before you notice this change of heart and growing faithfulness and see the good, good work of the Lord. But know that it’s there, it’s coming, and He’s inviting you to enjoy the ride.