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How I’m Doing New Year’s Resolutions Differently This Year

2019 is upon us, and I truly cannot believe that 2018 is over. So much happened – I graduated, moved to a new city, started my first full-time job, lost relationships, gained friendships, etc., etc. Goals and structure help me thrive and New Year’s is the perfect excuse to take a peek at my habits and commit to making new ones. This year, I’m (mostly) keeping my resolutions just to the month of January. 31 days. Let’s see what sticks and evaluate again later. Here’s what I’d like to be up to:

Say “I’m sorry” less often

This is on my list every year. We hear that women apologize way more than men and for things that don’t need an apology so much as simply an acknowledgement, like having a strong opinion, walking into your boss’ office, or accidentally interrupting someone. I’m concerned that my genuine apologies are watered down because of my overuse of “I’m sorry,” so instead I want to use phrases like “thank you for your patience,” when I’m late or “correct me if I’m wrong,” before I launch into something that might be controversial.

Start saying “you’re welcome” more often

Gosh, I just noticed this in myself and it’s driving me insane – I’m not sure the last time I accepted someone’s thanks for my self. I’m quick to follow up with an “oh, it’s no problem,” or “for sure,” rather than accepting someone’s acknowledgment of the work that I did for them. It puts the due weight on both my work and their strength in asking for the help. Everyone wins, and it’s just more authentic.

Have reading be my default rest activity

I was going to put down a specific number of books, but this really boils down to the fact that I just don’t want to be online as often. My life is here, not anywhere else, and after staring at a screen all day for work, the last thing my body needs is a TV show or scrolling on my phone. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but I no longer want them to be my auto-pilot response to free time. Check out this page for what I’ve been reading lately.

Write one new short story

Just the one and this is a year-long goal. It’s been forever since I’ve written more than just a scene or two or even tried to write anything new, beyond rewriting old works. If I’m ever going to publish that collection like I want to, I need to have something to publish.

Stop eating in front a screen

Eating in front a screen is so not good for me. Distracted eating often makes me eat more later because I wasn’t paying attention to what I’m eating, and it also makes me always want to eat when I watch something or watch something when I eat –– both of which I should be doing less of. Let’s see how this goes.